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Green Lsland

1. Hotel, resort, spa, and businesses

Reduce reuse recycle: Hotels in Koh Samui Encourage supplier and staff to reduce the use of plastic in daily practice. Encourage guests to care about the the environment by requesting them to reuse towels and to use refillable drinking containers. Some decoration in the hotels and resorts are made from recycled products.

Waste management; Be responsible for waste management. Implement waste separation program for efficient recycling and have organic waste collected as part of compost schemes for use of garden or EM product.

Saving Energy; reduce consumption of electricity by implementing new technology of create an awareness amongst guests and staff.

Businesses support local community projects such as cleaning beaches, using local products, and establish green school, a project designed to teach kids about correct and responsible waste management.

2. Department Store and Convenient Store

3. Public Transport

4. Community

Educational Institution
Tourism Knowledge Improvement

5. Local Administration

6. Public Promotion

Set up the trend through activities
Advertising and PR