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Samui, Thailand’s third-largest island is endowed with remarkable natural beauty. The gorgeous beaches that surround the entire island were once home to local people who made their living as fishermen and coconut farmers. Unspoiled nature, a beautiful indigenous culture, and the friendliness of the island’s inhabitants proved to be a powerful attraction for tourists, who have been visiting the island in increasing numbers since the 1970s. Expanding numbers of tourists have meant increases in development, construction, jobs, and income for Koh Samui. These increases have also meant a darkening of the green hue of the island. This island paradise needs help from everyone to bring back the bright green color. This requires everyone’s help to restore the island’s environment to its original magnificent state.

Green Island Foundation is a network of people with green hearts who appreciate nature and Koh Samui. Natural beauty and the local lifestyle that reflect Koh Samui are its focus to raise the awareness of all groups in the community. The commitment of this foundation aims to make tourism of this green island sustainable and to establish it as an important green spot on the world map.

The Green Island Project, Koh Samui aims to find a means of cooperation between the government sector, business people, tourists, and the local Samui community to restore the island’s beautiful natural environment and its traditional ways of life. The effort will also include finding ways to develop and improve the quality of the tourism business, so that Samui remains an attractive tourism destination for many years to come.

On 18th June, 2008, Green Island Foundation, the stakeholders and the Minister of tourism and sport signed Memorandum of Understanding to enhance cooperation and encourage everyone on the island to make a contribution to reduce, recycle, reuse and become more aware of what a green jewel Samui still is.

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Meaning of ‘Green’

Meaning of ‘Green’ is the color of unspoiled nature, filled with luxurious vegetation that provides Koh Samui with much of its beauty and fresh, clean air.

Green means harmony between constructed and natural environments. In this way both work towards a common, beneficial outcome for society.

Green refers to a state of awareness that allows local people, tourists, and government offices to cooperate to fulfill their duties related to Koh Samui and its society with good intentions and a sense of responsibility.


Chairman of Green Island Foundation Thailand ”We are in One World…….one beautiful world. We should commit ourselves to keep and protect our natural resources as Koh Samui to be a natural treasure until forever. The Green Island Foundation of Thailand ( GIFT ) was established to fulfill this highest commitment. We hope that everyone will kindly support GIFT as a gift to our beautiful world.”

Foundation Board Green Island

  1. Mr. Ruengnam Chaikwang
  2. Mr. Anon Watayanon
  3. Mr. Satirapong Surinwarangkul
  4. Ms. Wanwalee Tantikan
  5. Ms. Wichuda Umpornphol
  6. Ms. Kandhana Apirapakon
  7. Ms. Julthamas Tongpuak
  8. Ms. Naddapen Toommanon
  9. Mr. Thitiphan Thanaphatteeranan
  10. Mrs. Krissana Promkoh
  11. Ms. Supinya Srithongkul