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Green Lsland

Koh Samui has very limited supplies of water and the watershed is crucial to all living organisms. The watershed supports the lush forest at Koh Samui, one of the main reasons tourists choose this island as their holiday destination. Wuthikul Ngampanya of the Watershed Unit aims to preserve the watershed in Koh Samui. At the same time he aims to raise public awareness of the importance of water by encouraging villagers to build check dams in their plantation. To sustain water resources for plants, animals, and people, the next goal is to encourage people on the island to join hands to create 1,800 check dams around Koh Samui by 2015. Deep in our green heart we wish to see check dams projects result in constantly green forests, and abundance of water, and a love of nature in Koh Samui people’s hearts.