Welcome to Green Island

Green Lsland

  1. To create the awareness on the deterioration of Samui’s environment that affects on our living quality, ecological, and tourism.
  2. To create the understanding and appreciation in the value of Samui’s naural resources and ecology that are viable to our living and sustainable tourism.
  3. To hold events and activities to promote the roles and responsibilities of government units, business units, communities, professional group, and organizations in protecting and preserving the quality of Samui’s environment.
  4. To develop Samui to the extent that it can efficiently utilize its natural resources regardless of any effects on its environmental quality.
  5. To promote the local living quality, culture, tradition, education, and wisdom in accordance with our mission to reduce the effect of our consumption on the environment.
  6. To support and promote the cooperation of all concerned parties in operating the activities that are creative and help supporting the learning, concern, and motivation of the communities in taking care of the environment and ecology system in Samui.
  7. To reduce the pollution from production activities, consumption, and services in all processes in order to reduce any effects that might affect on Samui’s ecology restoration.
  8. To strengthen the efficiency of cooperation from all concerned parties in Samui and get ready to cope with the Global Warming effects.