Welcome to Green Island

Green Lsland

for a clean and green Samui

Inspired by our annual Samui Mala festival, we are a small group of local residents on Samui island who support a vision for a clean and green world, starting at home, on Samui.

Many of us are not Samui-born. Many are from other parts of Thailand, neighbouring states and some from many different nations. We look for what we have in common, and how we can work together to make our world better.

We call this “LIVING THE MALA”

We know that many share the same vision: Surprise, surprise! We all want to be healthy, live on a green island, swim in a blue sea, drink clean water, and have nurturing relationships with kind people.

‘Living the Mala’ is when we realise that instead of being pessimistic about the problem and wondering “Why don’t they fix the road? Why don’t they clean up the garbage?” we can actively choose the world we live in by contributing to the solution. We can choose not to regard our world as a reactive, ugly, complaining and disappointing place. Instead we choose to actively see and shape our world into a clean, green, nurturing, proactive and regenerative environment. 

For many who attend and help organise the Samui Mala, this message resonates strongly, and many are touched by the common thread of community spirit. The mala is a string of beads, and ‘living the mala’ reflects that movement as the beads rub up against each other – we are not so much counting or keeping score, we are just moving the energy, keeping the beads connected, and inspiring change.

So by ‘connecting the dots’ by networking, sharing and action, the Samui Mala hopes to inspire others to be proactive instead of reactive. To be part of the solution. To write our own script for the world we want to inhabit.

Join us or let us contact you: If you’d like to be on our mailing list email us with your details.

See our calendar for information about events — clean, green, nurturing, educational, healing or fun — happening on our island.

Please keep us informed of anything you are hosting or know about for our calendar and newsletter by emailing us at samuimala@gmail.com